Crème de Chou-Fleur

It’s like eating savory ice-cream. No, better than that. It’s like eating a marble sculpture, smooth and milky, with subtle streams of walnut brown peeking through the grain. It’s like carving a scoop out of a cumulonimbus and swallowing a warm pillow. For each action there is an equal and opposite reaction and that chill you get on winter nights, deep down in your toes that no sock or sweatpant can warm? – this is the reaction, equal and opposite. Another favorite of Alexis’ (whaat? A recipe with bacon is a house favorite? What a shocker!), this Cream of Cauliflower Soup pours into bowls as smoothly as Kenny G’s smoothest jazz pours into ears and floats down into your stomach, for a warm, wonderful welcome.

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Meatball Submarine

Once upon a time, I told Alexis IMG_0516about a recipe I had found on YouTube that I wanted to make. It was the most wondrous and magical of recipes; it delivered a meatball sub, where the roll was as warm and springy as a golden cloud on a summer afternoon; the meatballs were juicier than any The Lady or The Tramp had ever rolled across a plate at each other; and everything else in between – the creamy ricotta, the crisp greens and tomatoes, the deep and romantic red sauce – made a meatball submarine capable of sinking aircraft carriers by way of sheer awesomeness. I made this meatball sub for Alexis more than five years ago, and we’re getting married in January. I’m not saying those two things are directly related to each other (but I’m not saying they aren’t, either). Feed this sandwich to others at your own risk, you may be stuck with them happily forever after.


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Pasta Carbonara

This recipe is The Happy Noodle. IMG_0302Recently, Alexis has been claiming that my meatball subs are her new favorite, but she isn’t fooling me. This is the dish I make on birthdays, Valentine’s, whenever we go visit family. This is the dish I made the night I proposed. This is the dish. And if you make it, you’ll know why. It’s decadent in a way no other pasta dish is; peppery and cheesy, meaty and creamy without being overwhelming. It’s luxurious and at the same time down-to-earth, a staple dish of our home. I’ll show you how to make it and which rules you need to follow to make the Carbonara a Roman would be proud of.

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